One Year in the Word is the journey our church began in January 2017.  For one year we will read through the Bible, discuss the Scriptures as families and Connection Groups, and focus on key passages in our Sunday morning worship.





Week of August 27 – September 2

(This week’s reading is found in Ezekiel 37 – Daniel 12)

Devotional Passage: Daniel 3 (God rescues three young Jewish men from a fiery furnace) 

Question 1: These three men put their lives in danger when they refused to obey the king and bow down to the idol that he made.  Wouldn’t it have just been easier to bow down and then ask God for forgiveness later?  Why or why not?

Question 2: What was the result of the obedience of the three men?  God was praised and glorified, and their lives were saved.  But even if God chose to allow them to die, they had decided ahead of time that they would not disobey God in this area.  What about you – are there areas of your life that you need to decide now that you will choose to obey God if a certain situation comes up with friends, work, etc.?


Week of September 3 – September 9

(This week’s reading is found in Hosea 1 – Joel 3)

 Devotional Passage: Read Hosea 4:1-9. God through Hosea is stating how Israel had been unfaithful to Him.

Question 1: As you read verses 1-3, what were the charges that God brought against Israel?  Based on these sins, what do you think God should do with the nation of Israel?

Question 2: As one commentator noted, “What we see in the prophecy of Hosea are the last few swirls as the kingdom of Israel goes down the drain.”  Israel was going to face judgment for their sin, but the nation had been given multiple opportunities to repent over many years.  Is there a sin in your life that have held on to, that you have neglected to agree with God that it’s sin and needs to be dealt with?  Carefully examine your life.  Would you be ready to agree with God about your sin?


Week of September 10 – 16

(This week’s reading is found in Amos 1 – Jonah 4)

 Devotional Passage: Read Jonah 1.  God told Jonah to go to the Nineveh.  Jonah said no.

Question 1: Jonah made a pretty big mistake by saying “No” to God.  God wanted him to head west, and instead Jonah went west.  So, he did the exact opposite.  We’d probably be tempted to look at Jonah with prideful disapproval – but maybe we shouldn’t be too quick.  There are times in our lives where we do the same thing.  How can we do a better job at saying “Yes” to God and “No” to us?

Question 2: Jonah was around a bunch of people who didn’t know God.  His disobedience to God was now having an impact on them.  We can do similar things: when we’re around people who don’t know God are we showing our love and obedience to God by what we say and what we do?  How can you do a better job of making God a priority when are around people who do not believe in Jesus?


Week of September 17 – 23

(This week’s reading is found in Micah 1 – Zephaniah 3)

 Devotional Passage: Read Micah 5:1-5.  Here Israel is warned and encouraged about their future.

Question 1: In 5:1, Micah warned that judgement was coming.  The ruler of Israel would be struck on the cheek (a sign of humiliation).  Sometimes God allows things into our lives so that we can learn lessons of dependence on Him.  Even though Israel was God’s chosen country/people, she still had to choose to obey God.  What are the circumstances that are difficult that God has allowed into your life (currently, or in the past) and what might God be trying to teach you?

 Question 2: In 5:2, Micah told them that someone was coming who would be coming from Bethlehem, who would be a ruler in Israel, who existed long, long ago.  The leaders of Jesus’ day rightly attributed this verse to the coming Messiah (who is Jesus).  Even in the midst of Israel’s pain (5:1) God would be glorified (5:2).  Think about your own life – sometimes all we can see are tough times…we need to remember that God always has a good plan for His children (Romans 8:28).


Week of September 24 – 30

Haggai 1 – Zechariah 11

Devotional Passage: Read Zechariah 3.  In this vision we catch a glimpse of accusation and forgiveness.

 Question 1: Satan was standing before God, ready to accuse the High Priest Joshua for the sins the priests had committed earlier.  We may think that today Satan’s accusations against us are powerful – but what does Romans 8:33 say about that?

 Question 2: Read verse 9. The Lord says that He would remove the sin of the nation in a single day.  Many believe this to be when Jesus died on the cross (Good Friday).  On that day Jesus had your sin placed on Him.  The punishment for your sin was death and separation from God; but Jesus was punished in your place.  God forgave your sin because of what Jesus did.  Because of that, we have a new standing before God.  What does Romans 8:1 say about that?