We’re Here For you

Marriage is one of the most amazing gifts that God has given us. However – it’s not always easy. But like any worthwhile relationship in life, taking the time to know your spouse and serve them the way Jesus serves us can make your marriage everything you want it to be.


Throughout the year, our church facilitates and hosts events to enrich your marriage.

In February we typically put on event to help couples enrich their love for each other.

In the future (like we did in the spring of 2017) we are planning on hosting events that further prioritize marriage. Stayed tuned here for what may be coming next!

Dr. Gary Chapman – author of “The 5 Love Language” at our recent marriage conference.


We’re thankful to have couples in our church that are willing to help.

Because let’s fact it – from time to time every marriage needs encouragement.  And you might be in a phase of life where that marriage is yours.  

Contact us here at the church – we’d be happy to put you in touch with a Pastor or Elder who can then connect you with another couple who cares.