“Equipping Classes” are designed to help you in key areas of spiritual growth and development. We goal is to see you equipped so we can see our vision statement realized:

“Together, strengthening you to change your world for Christ.”

For the Sundays of June and July

9:45 – 10:45 A.M.

Growing My Spiritual Leadership
(ROOM 201)

Men have a lot of responsibilities, and it’s foolish to think we can handle them alone.  Over the course of 9 weeks, different men from our church will be presenting topics relating to men and home, personal, and church lives.  It will be a growing, grace-filled approach, and we challenge guys in our church to attend.

Instructor: Various Male Teachers

Growing in Spiritual Maturity
(ROOM 206)

Have you ever felt, or are you currently feeling, stuck in your spiritual growth and walk with the Lord Jesus Christ?  Do you find yourself feeling starved of the nourishment we need as Christians to grow and succeed in the Christian life?  In this 9-week session, we will help you to develop a plan for your study of God’s Word, prayer, worship, and many others essential spiritual disciplines.
Instructor: Brad Bailey

Women of Influence
(ROOM 202)

God has given women the privilege of many influential roles within their marriage and family.  Thankfully, God has given women an incredible amount of direction for how that influence can shape the people God has in our lives.  Join us for this 9-week series taught by various women in our church family.
Instructor: Various Female Teachers

Exposition of 1&2 Timothy
(ROOM 303)

On the surface, 1st Timothy looks like letter from one  church leader to another about how the church should function. I plan we will to learn and discuss that it is really more about how Christians should live their lives, what is important in the church, and what it means to live out the ethical implications of the Gospel.
Instructor: Paul Waller