“Equipping Classes” are designed to help you in key areas of spiritual growth and development. We goal is to see you equipped so we can see our vision statement realized:

“Together, strengthening you to change your world for Christ.”

For the Sundays of December and January

9:45 – 10:45 A.M.

The Entire Bible in 24 Weeks
(ROOM 201)

Have you ever had the desire to know the entire message of the Bible, but questioned how you could take the time to work on that? Each Sunday morning during Equipping Class hour, be ready to embark on a thrill ride from Genesis to Revelation, where you will gain a more comprehensive view of all that God has for us in His Word!

Instructor: Pastor Phil Moser

Organizing Through His Eyes
(ROOM 206)

(Ladies only) A disorganized life can create distance between you and the Lord, while creating havoc in your mind, home, and relationships. This class is designed to teach you how to deal with the clutter in your life and help you to discover how God will use the new-found time, money, and energy for His glory. Whether you once were organized or never quite got the hang of it, this class will look at the who, what, why and costs of clutter while giving you real-life, practical ways to get organized at last. Instructor: Nancy Underwood

Average Old Testament Leaders
(ROOM 202)

In this class, we will dig into the lives of men and women who found themselves in leadership positions in the Old Testament.  We will examine how they led when they were in a leadership role, and how they led when they were not.  We will look at some of the factors that made them either good or bad leaders,  and we will also look at how their relationship with God impacted their leadership styles and effectiveness.Instructor: Paul Stone