greg and melissa eaton

Connection Group Location: Pilesgrove, N.J.

A Little Bit About Us

Greg and Melissa Eaton met through Fellowship Bible Church and were married in 2012. Melissa has grown up through FBC and Greg joined shortly after graduating high school. They have been blessed with two boys, Micah (2) and Ace (Infant).

Greg and Melissa have plugged into many different areas of the church at different times, ranging from Youth Ministry and teaching to facility care.

When Do We Meet?

This group meets biweekly on Monday evenings at 6:30 for dinner, fellowship, and study in Pilesgrove, NJ. 

What is our group like?

Our group is consisted of,  but not limited to, families with children under 5. “Controlled chaos” would probably be the best way to describe our time together.  Our goal is to create deeper relationships that reveal opportunities to serve in a meaningful and personal way. We are currently studying the gifts of the spirit and how we can best utilize them in the body of Christ. 

interested in joining this group?