About Our Church

The Bible aptly describes the Christian journey as a ‘walk’ – so the ‘next steps’ for a Christian is a very applicable metaphor. Every Christian is on a path towards their lives looking more and more like Jesus Christ. Our goal is to help each other on this path progress at a pace that honors the Lord. Here are some ways that you can more deeply connect with us as you grow in the path God has you on.

There’s no better place than ‘Lunch with our Leaders’ to get to know our leadership and the direction that our church is headed. Taking place monthly at the home of one of our elders, you can sign up here and begin to prayerfully consider if God may want you to be a part of our Fellowship Bible Church family.

Our next ‘Lunch with our Leaders’ is February 11th. Please let us know if you are interested in coming.

As Christians, we were designed to live in community and fellowship with other believers. That’s why being a part of our Connection Groups can be a critical piece to your spiritual development. But did you also know that as a Christian you have giftedness and abilities that make you uniquely suited to help God’s work move forward here at Fellowship Bible Church? In fact, there’s a place waiting for you to get involved. To find out about the importance of ‘community’ and where you fit best – attend one of our monthly Spiritual DNA classes.

The next Spiritual DNA class is February 18th at 9:45am here at the church.

As Christians what we believer about God and His Word (the Bible) matters. In our monthly Faith Matters discussion we will talk about what our church believes and how this impacts daily life. It really is a time of encouragement for all involved. We would love for you to join us.

Our next Faith Matters is taking place on January 28th th at 9:45am here at the church.